Reservation for Yakiniku Moranbong Hon-ten Fuchu in Tokyo

updated: June 04th, 2024

Enjoy the true taste of top-grade wagyu beef at Yakiniku moranbong in Futyu, Tokyo. Savor different cuts of beef in a bright and clean dining space.

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    Yakiniku moranbong in Futyu-cho, Tokyo, Yakiniku moranbong offers authentic top-grade wagyu beef, allowing guests to savor the true taste of beef.
    The restaurant is situated in a quiet residential area and features a spacious counter seating area.
     The ceiling is adorned with Japanese cypress, creating a bright and clean dining space.
    At Yakiniku moranbong, they use carefully selected top-grade wagyu beef chosen by the owner and offer it with their unique cooking method.
     Of particular note is the "Charcoal Roaster," a state-of-the-art cooking device.
     This roaster utilizes far-infrared rays and low-temperature cooking to tenderize the meat without charring it.
     It also produces minimal smoke and odor, providing a comfortable dining experience.
    The menu offers various cuts of wagyu beef, such as "Fillet" and "Sirloin," allowing guests to enjoy different parts of the meat.
     Fresh vegetables and side dishes are also plentiful, providing a well-balanced meal.
    Yakiniku moranbong provides different seating options, including counter seats and private rooms, catering to various occasions.
     It is suitable for everything from family or friends' gatherings to business settings.
    This is a highly recommended restaurant for anyone looking to savor top-grade wagyu beef.


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