Reservation for Yakiniku San Chuo in Tokyo

updated: June 11th, 2024

Looking for delicious yakiniku in Tokyo? Check out Yakiniku San Hacchobori in Chuo Ward. Enjoy grilled meat and tasty udon noodles in a lively atmosphere. Visit us now!

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    Yakiniku San Hacchobori is a restaurant located in the Nihonbashi neighborhood of Chuo Ward, Tokyo.
     The nearest station is Hacchobori Station, which can be reached by taking the Hibiya Line or JR Keiyo Line.
     The restaurant is about a 2-minute walk from Exit A2.
     It is also accessible by a short walk from Shintomicho Station, Exit 7 of the Yurakucho Line.
    While the restaurant itself is small, it has a lively atmosphere and is almost always full.
     It operates from Monday to Sunday, serving customers from 17:00 to 01:00 (last order for food at 00:15, last order for drinks at 00:30).
     It is closed on Tuesdays.
     There are 25 seats available for diners.
    At Yakiniku San Hacchobori, you can enjoy a variety of dishes, with the focus on yakiniku (grilled meat).
     The Tan (tongue) and Harami (skirt steak) are particularly popular choices.
     Additionally, the "Shime no Udon" (finishing udon noodles) is a highly recommended menu item.
     It features a comtang soup with translucent udon noodles.
    The chefs pay great attention to the quality of the ingredients and prepare the dishes with care.
     The grilled meat has a satisfying texture, especially the loin and upper skirt cuts, which have received rave reviews.
     The side dishes like kimchi and namul are also delicious, ensuring a consistently high standard of cuisine.
    Yakiniku San Hacchobori is loved by locals and welcomes casual visitors.
     The atmosphere is relaxed, and the staff are warm and welcoming.
    We invite you to visit Yakiniku San Hacchobori and experience it for yourself.


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