Reservation for Yakiniku Tomiya Tsurumai Honten Nagoya in Aichi

updated: May 21th, 2024

Discover the best yakiniku restaurant in Nagoya City. Enjoy delicious cuisine in a calm atmosphere. Visit Yakiniku Tomiya Tsurumai Honten today!

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    Yakiniku Tomiya Tsurumai Honten is a restaurant located in Chiyoda, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.
     It is situated on the 1st floor of Araki Building, just a 3-minute walk from Tsurumai Station's Meitai Higashi Exit on the JR Chuo Main Line and Tsurumai Subway Line, or a 5-minute walk from Exit 2.
     It is also only 251 meters away from Tsurumai Station.
    The restaurant operates from 17:00 to 22:45 and has 54 seats available.
     The interior has a calm atmosphere, and private rooms are also available.
    Yakiniku Tomiya Tsurumai Honten is renowned for its delicious cuisine, and it is particularly popular to visit on special occasions like Christmas.
     By ordering the course menu, you can enjoy your meat stress-free as dishes are promptly served.
     The 4,700 yen course is highly recommended.
    Their oxtail soup and various meat dishes receive high praise, and the yukhoe (Korean-style beef tartare) is also recommended.
     They also offer special menu items such as "Jou Shiotan" (premium salted tongue) and "Kikoubuimori" (assorted rare cuts).
    The chefs at Yakiniku Tomiya Tsurumai Honten pay particular attention to the quality of ingredients and cook them with care.
     The "Inside Skirt" and "Misuji" (beef shoulder tender) are especially exquisite.
     The kimchi and cold noodles are also delicious and enhance your dining experience.
    Yakiniku Tomiya Tsurumai Honten is a highly regarded local yakiniku restaurant, attracting many visitors.
     Its private rooms make it suitable for various occasions.
    We highly recommend you visit Yakiniku Tomiya Tsurumai Honten and experience it for yourself.


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