Reservation for Yakiniku Waganse Hon-Atsugi in Kanagawa

updated: May 10th, 2024

Enjoy delicious Hayama beef at Yakiniku Waganse in Atsugi City, Kanagawa. Savor their popular lunch sets and mouthwatering options.

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    Yakiniku Waganse is a restaurant located in Nakamachi, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
     It is just a 2-minute walk from Hon-Atsugi Station's north exit on the Odakyu Odawara Line.
     The restaurant has a quiet atmosphere and provides seating for 63 guests.
    The operating hours are as follows: Lunch is from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM (last order at 2:30 PM), and dinner is from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM (last order at 10:30 PM).
     The restaurant is closed on Wednesdays.
     They also offer lunch service on weekends and holidays.
    Yakiniku Waganse is known for its dishes made with Hayama beef.
     The lunch set, especially the kalbi (short ribs) and loin, is popular and can be enjoyed for 2,000 yen.
     Even Italian customers have highly praised it.
     They also serve a variety of delicious options, such as hormone (offal) platters and yakiniku rice bowls.
    The chefs at Yakiniku Waganse pay close attention to the ingredients and prepare them with care.
     The marbling and portion sizes of the Hayama beef kalbi and loin are just right, and the prices are reasonable.
     The hormone dishes are also highly praised for their lack of odor and excellent taste.
    We invite you to visit Yakiniku Waganse and indulge in the deliciousness of Hayama beef.
     It is a place where you can enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner.


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