Reservation for Yakitori FREDDIE BIRD Hommachi in Osaka

updated: April 27th, 2024

Experience the best of yakitori in Osaka City. Yakitori FREDDIE BIRD offers succulent grilled skewered chicken in an elegant setting. Located in Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka.

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    Yakitori FREDDIE BIRD is a restaurant located in Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
     The restaurant is situated 161 meters away from Honmachi Station, just a short walk.
     The establishment features a cozy atmosphere with a seating capacity of 16 at the counter.
    This restaurant specializes in yakitori, a popular Japanese grilled skewered chicken dish.
     One notable aspect is the exceptional service provided by the staff.
     They promptly replenish seasoning and beverages for the skewers as soon as they run low, and are always attentive to any additional needs.
    The yakitori rice ball ochazuke (green tea poured over rice) is also highly recommended.
     However, the skewers can be a bit too hot at times.
    The restaurant entrance is accessed through a staircase leading to a glass-covered space.
     With only counter seats available, customers can enjoy their meal while conversing with the skilled chefs.
    The chefs are meticulous in their cooking, emphasizing the quality of ingredients.
     The grilling and seasoning are done to perfection, allowing guests to savor rare cuts of yakitori.
     A wide selection of drinks, including wine, shochu, and Japanese sake, is also available.
    Yakitori FREDDIE BIRD is a popular and stylish yakitori restaurant.
     It offers course menus as well as à la carte options, allowing guests to tailor their dining experience to their preferences.
     It is recommended to make a reservation before visiting.
    The restaurant design exudes sophistication, creating an ambiance suitable for adults.
     In particular, the counter in a horseshoe shape features a warm wooden texture.
     The yakitori is well-cooked with succulent and flavorful fat.
     With a selection including Burgundy wines, guests can enjoy a delightful meal paired with delicious drinks.
    This restaurant offers various dishes, including omakase courses and à la carte menus.
     While it is a bit on the pricier side, it is a recommended choice for yakitori and alcohol enthusiasts.
    Please feel free to visit!


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