Reservation for atelier Morimoto XEX/Sushi Roppongi in Tokyo

updated: April 30th, 2024

Discover the hidden gem of atelier Morimoto XEX/Sushi in Tokyo's Minato-ku. Indulge in delicious sushi and experience excellent service. Perfect for special occasions or romantic dates. Don't miss out!

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    "atelier Morimoto XEX/Sushi" is a restaurant located in Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
     It is approximately 350m from Nogizaka Station and about 352m from Roppongi Station.
     The restaurant has a total of 19 seats, with 11 counter seats and 8 semi-private rooms available.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy delicious sushi.
     The sushi chefs provide friendly and attentive service.
     The menu offers a wide variety of alcoholic beverages.
    The chefs at "atelier Morimoto XEX/Sushi" take great care in selecting quality ingredients and preparing their dishes.
     The grilled fish and sushi are particularly popular.
     They also offer various course menus such as the "Morimoto Course" and the "Omakase Course".
    The ambiance of the restaurant is excellent, providing a tranquil space for enjoying your meal.
     However, the location can be a bit difficult to find, so be sure to pay attention.
    This restaurant has received high praise in many reviews for its delicious food and excellent service.
     "atelier Morimoto XEX/Sushi" can be considered as a hidden gem for adults, and is highly recommended for special occasions or dates.
    We encourage you to visit and experience the skilled techniques of the chefs and savor their delicious sushi.




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