Reservation for Azabu Shiki Hatanodai in Tokyo

updated: November 14th, 2023

Discover the eel specialty restaurant in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. Indulge in deliciously prepared eel dishes at Azabu Shikihata Hatanodai store.

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    The Azabu Shiki Hatanodai Store is an eel specialty restaurant located in the Hatanodai area of Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
     The restaurant has both counter and table seating options, providing a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.
     Here, you can enjoy delicious dishes made with domestically sourced eel.
    The most popular menu items are the Plum Eel and Eel Liver Yakitori.
     The eel is tender and flavorful, with a perfectly balanced sauce that will leave you craving for more.
     The Eel Liver Yakitori is also exceptional, with a slight bitterness and rich umami flavor.
    In addition to these dishes, the restaurant offers a variety of set meals and course options, as well as seasonal a la carte dishes.
     During lunchtime, you can enjoy various set meals that are both generous in portion size and reasonably priced.
    The Azabu Shiki Hatanodai, skilled chefs carefully select and prepare the ingredients, ensuring that each dish is deliciously executed.
     The staff is also friendly and accommodating, making it a welcoming dining experience even for first-time visitors.
    If you love eel or Japanese cuisine, we highly recommend visiting the restaurant.




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