Reservation for Yakiniku Shabu-Shabu Chambord in Akasaka, Tokyo

updated: November 17th, 2023

Enjoy a luxurious yakiniku experience at Chambord in Akasaka, Tokyo. Indulge in tender beef tongue shabu-shabu and high-quality yakiniku dishes. Located in Minato-ku, this sophisticated restaurant is a must-visit.

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     Chambord, located in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, is a sophisticated yakiniku restaurant.
     The spacious interior can accommodate 38 seats.
     Here, you can enjoy delicious dishes such as beef tongue shabu-shabu and yakiniku.
    The skill of the chef is highly regarded, especially for the beef tongue shabu-shabu, which is said to be exquisite.
     You can enjoy the tender beef tongue quickly dipped in hot water.
     In addition, the yakiniku dishes, such as loin and offal, are also recommended.
     They use high-quality A5-ranked beef from Okayama Prefecture, and you will be impressed by its delicious taste.
     Why not enjoy a luxurious yakiniku experience at Chambord?




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