Reservation for Yakitori Kyoto Torihachi Karasuma in Kyoto

updated: July 22th, 2024

Enjoy high-quality yakitori in Kyoto City at Kyoto Torihachi. Located in Shimogyo-ku, this restaurant offers a variety of delicious skewered chicken dishes. Don't miss out on their beautifully designed menu and cozy atmosphere. Only a 3-minute walk from Hankyu Karasuma Station or Shijo Karasuma Station.

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    Kyoto Torihachi is a yakitori restaurant located in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.
     It is conveniently accessible from Hankyu Karasuma Station or Shijo Karasuma Station, both within a 3-minute walk.
     The restaurant has only counter seats with a capacity of 15.
    This establishment prides itself on serving yakitori made with quality ingredients, and its high quality has been well-regarded.
     The menu and coasters are beautifully designed, further whetting your appetite.
    According to reviews, this restaurant offers yakitori that is cooked with professional skill and care.
     It follows a set menu style, rather than all-you-can-eat, and can be enjoyed as a high-end yakitori restaurant.
    In another review, it is introduced as "a yakitori restaurant in Kyoto" where you can enjoy fresh chicken sourced from various regions throughout Japan.
     The gobo (burdock root) dish, in particular, is said to be excellent.
    Another review states that it is still a new establishment.
     The upscale atmosphere makes it a perfect choice for a date, and with the ordering stop system, you can enjoy at your own pace.
    Kyoto Torihachi uses various brands of chicken, such as Awaodori from Tokushima and Tamba Jidori from Kyoto.
     The grilling is done to perfection, providing a pleasantly springy texture.
     While the overall seasoning tends to be on the salty side, there are also slightly milder options available.
    The chefs at this establishment prioritize quality ingredients and meticulous cooking techniques.
     Their skill shines especially in the grilled dishes and juicy meats.
    Kyoto Torihachi is a relatively new and trending restaurant.
     We highly recommend paying it a visit.


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