Reservation for Kyobashi Sushi Kojitsu in Tokyo

updated: July 04th, 2024

Enjoy deliciously prepared sushi in Tokyo's Chuo-ku at Sushi Kojitsu. Experience the delicate flavors and attention to detail at this hidden gem. Don't miss out on their amazing nigiri sushi and seasonal course menus.

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    "Sushi Kojitsu" is a shop located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, just a 5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Kyobashi Station.
     The restaurant has a total of 14 seats, with 12 counter seats and 2 semi-private rooms.
    At this establishment, you can enjoy deliciously prepared sushi crafted with great care by the chef.
     The presentation of the dishes is also beautiful, and you can appreciate the attention to detail in the choice of plates and dishes.
     The master chef also focuses on providing attentive service, and the staff are diligent in their work.
    The course menu starts with appetizers and gradually progresses, and it may seem like there are no nigiri in the latter half, but the appetizers are delicious, and the quality of the nigiri is also excellent, providing a high level of satisfaction.
     Furthermore, the prices are reasonable, making it a cost-effective dining experience.
    This shop is not yet crowded, allowing you to enjoy your meal at a relaxed pace.
     Particularly at the counter seats or in the small semi-private rooms, you can enjoy your meal in a calm and tranquil atmosphere.
     The restroom even features a picture of Mount Fuji, adding a unique touch to the ambiance.
    The chefs at Sushi Kojitsu pay great attention to the ingredients and carefully prepare them.
     Especially the nigiri sushi, though small in size, has a reputation for its deliciousness and freshness.
     Additionally, the course menu is structured like that of a traditional Japanese restaurant, making you feel the changing seasons.
    In addition to sushi, "Sushi Kojitsu" also offers recommended Japanese sake called "Fukumi" from Nagasaki, as well as seasonal course menus.
     We highly recommend visiting this place.




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