Reservation for Torian Tenmangu in Osaka

updated: July 19th, 2024

Discover the best yakitori in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. Indulge in the flavors of Torian's grilled skewers. Located in Kita-ku, experience authentic cuisine in a calm setting.

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    "Torian" is a restaurant located in Tenma, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
     It is conveniently situated about a 4-minute walk from JR Osaka Tenmangu or Namba Station on the Tanimachi Line.
    This establishment offers seating only at the counter, with 8 seats available.
     The operating hours are from 18:00 to 23:00, Monday to Saturday (however, during the current period of shortened business hours, it is until 21:00).
     As for regular holiday closures, it is recommended to check before visiting.
    Now, let's talk about the cuisine.
     "Torian" specializes in yakitori, grilled skewers of various chicken parts.
     The yakitori omakase course and the yakitori assortment of 10 types are particularly popular.
     Reviews also praise the deliciousness of the dishes.
    The chefs at this restaurant strive to serve honest and authentic yakitori.
     They excel in cooking techniques and seasoning, creating exceptional flavors.
    In addition to the yakitori menu, there are various other options available.
     You can enjoy dishes such as "tsukidashi" (appetizers), "salad with seven kinds of vegetables," and the famous "soboro don" (rice bowl with minced chicken).
     The restaurant also has a wide selection of shochu (Japanese distilled alcohol) and wine, and the hojicha highball is highly recommended.
    Located in a quiet residential area, "Torian" offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy delicious yakitori.
     The owner is also known to be friendly and willingly explains about the dishes and ingredients.
    We highly recommend visiting "Torian" and indulging in their delicious yakitori.


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