Reservation for Sushi Ginza Souseki in Tokyo

updated: June 02th, 2024

Discover the culinary delight of sushi at Ginza Souseki, located in Tokyo's Chuo Ward. Indulge in high-quality nigiri sushi and maki rolls, complemented by a calm atmosphere and friendly service. Join us for an unforgettable sushi experience in the heart of Ginza.

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    "Ginza Souseki" is a restaurant located in the Chuo Ward of Tokyo, Japan.
     It is just a 1-minute walk from the Higashi-Ginza Subway Station and a 5-minute walk from the Ginza Subway Station.
     The restaurant has a capacity of 21 seats, with 9 seats at the counter and 12 seats at tables.
    At this restaurant, they offer a type of cuisine called "sushi" which is more commonly known as "sushi" in Japan.
     The menu may vary slightly, but you can enjoy dishes such as the Sushimanpuku Nigiri Sushi (10 pieces) and Maki Rolls (6 pieces) for ¥3,400, or a glass of draft beer for ¥850.
    The lunch menu is also very satisfying, with a set menu priced at ¥2,800 that includes 8 pieces of nigiri sushi such as Chutoro (medium fatty tuna), Kohada (gizzard shad), Shimesaba (marinated mackerel), and Ebi (shrimp) along with a bowl of Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard).
     The Shimesaba (marinated mackerel) is particularly delicious and highly recommended.
    The chefs at Ginza Souseki are committed to using high-quality ingredients, offering dishes such as the Akamaguro (bluefin tuna) and Madai (red snapper) Gunkan Maki (¥1,200) or the Somei (¥1,600).
     The flavor of the tuna and red snapper really stands out, and the addition of the Red Sea Bream's belly is a delightful highlight.
    Furthermore, you can also enjoy the Omakase Edo-style Nigiri Sushi Course at the counter seats.
     The sushi rice is small in size, and you can enjoy personalized nigiri sushi with fresh toppings.
     The shrimp and chutoro are surprisingly large, and the uni (sea urchin) portion is generous.
     The course costs a little over ¥10,000, but it is highly regarded for its cost performance.
    Ginza Souseki is located near the intersection of Higashi-Ginza, an area known for its many famous restaurants.
     During lunchtime, the restaurant is often fully booked due to its attractively priced menu.
     It is popular among salarymen and office workers as a sushi restaurant that is considerate to their needs.
    This restaurant truly shines with the skill of its chefs and their dedication to high-quality ingredients, allowing you to savor delicious sushi.
     The atmosphere is calm, and the friendly service makes it a highly recommended place to visit, even in the evening.
    Please do visit "Ginza Souseki" and experience it for yourself.


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