2024 Michelin Kyoto Japanese Restaurant : Godan Miyazawa (1 star)

updated: May 24th, 2024

Experience delicious Japanese cuisine at Godan Miyazawa, located in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City. Indulge in their specialties featuring fish roe and savor the impeccable flavors. With a cozy atmosphere and exquisite presentation, enjoy a memorable dining experience.

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    "Godan Miyazawa" is a Japanese restaurant located in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.
     The restaurant is conveniently located about a 3-minute walk from Karasuma Line, Gojo Station.
     It offers a cozy atmosphere with 8 counter seats and private rooms.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine.
     Their specialties include dishes featuring fish roe such as Karasumi Soba (buckwheat noodles with fish roe) and Karasumi with sticky rice.
     These dishes are known for their exquisite flavors and impeccable presentation, reflecting the craftsmanship of the chef.
    The chefs at "Godan Miyazawa" pay great attention to the quality of the ingredients and carefully prepare each dish.
     Particularly noteworthy are their sesame tofu and Squid Ink Soba, which are highly praised for their exceptional taste.
     The tableware used in the restaurant is also of high quality, with beautiful designs that add to the dining experience.
    We invite you to visit "Godan Miyazawa" and indulge in their delicious cuisine and charming ambiance.
     You will be welcomed with delightful dishes and a memorable dining experience.


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