Reservation for Hakkoku in Ginza, Tokyo

updated: August 17th, 2023

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    Hakkoku Sushi is a sushi restaurant located in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

    It opened in 2018 in the highly competitive sushi district of Ginza.

    The owner, Hiroyuki Sato, previously worked at the renowned Ginza restaurant "Tokami" before opening Hakkoku after a year of preparation.The restaurant is conveniently located approximately 206 meters from Ginza Station on the Ginza Line and Hibiya Line, surrounded by many other shops.

    The interior of the restaurant has 18 seats with three counter rooms.Hakkoku Sushi no longer offers lunch service since the end of March 2020, but it opens only in the evening from 17:30 to 20:30.

    It is closed on Sundays, holidays, and sometimes on irregular days.In addition to introducing the restaurant, let me tell you about the cuisine and the chef.

    Hakkoku Sushi offers nigiri sushi with a commitment to each individual piece.

    Since its opening, it has consistently provided delicious sushi that lives up to expectations and has received high praise from many people.Owner Hiroyuki Sato pours his passion for cooking into Hakkoku, utilizing his experience and skills as a sushi chef.

    His technique and sensitivity create perfectly finished sushi, captivating many people with its beauty and flavor.As Ginza is considered a holy land of sushi, Hakkoku is worth a visit not only for sushi lovers.

    Reviews from visitors who have actually been there also support its popularity.

    The exquisite dishes available at Hakkoku will surely satisfy the hearts of sushi enthusiasts.




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