2024 Michelin Osaka Japanese Restaurant : Ichiju Nisai Ueno Minoten (1 star)

updated: May 23th, 2024

Discover the exquisite flavors of traditional Japanese cuisine at "Ichiju Nisai Ueno Minoten" in Minoh, Osaka. Indulge in a culinary journey that combines high-quality ingredients with meticulous craftsmanship. Visit us for an unforgettable dining experience in the heart of Minoh.

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    "Ichiju Nisai Ueno Minoten" is a restaurant located at 2-5 Minoh Koen, Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture.
     The restaurant is conveniently situated an 8-minute walk from Hankyu Minoh Station, making transportation easy.
     It also has its own parking lot, which requires prior application but can be used.
    The restaurant offers 45 seats, making it suitable for families and special occasions.
     The overall dining experience, including the food, service, and ambiance, provides a truly satisfying feeling.
     They even offer children's sets, making it a family-friendly establishment.
    The head chef, a talented young woman, is highly anticipated by many patrons.
     The restaurant provides private-like rooms where guests can enjoy their meals at a leisurely pace.
     The cuisine features a gentle seasoning with a distinct and delicious taste.
    During the autumn foliage season, visitors are enchanted by the view of the leaves from the windows, as well as the meticulous work and sophisticated seasoning.
     The tempura, fried in the private rooms, is particularly exceptional, and the desserts provide delightful surprises.
    The restaurant places great importance on incorporating traditional Japanese flavors in its dishes, using high-quality ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship.
     It is considered to be a renowned establishment along the Minoh Waterfall trail, with an excellent location.
     Visitors have rated it higher than other restaurants in Toyonaka.
     We invite you to come and experience it for yourself.


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