Reservation for Yakitori Irotoridori Ueno in Tokyo

updated: July 09th, 2024

Discover Irotoridori, an exceptional yakitori restaurant in Ueno, Tokyo. Indulge in delicious grilled dishes and flavorful yakitori, perfectly complemented by their exquisite ramen. Experience a trendy and stylish atmosphere in the heart of Ueno.

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    "Irotoridori" is a yakitori restaurant located in Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo.
     The restaurant is a 2-minute walk from Ueno Station's Iriya Exit.
     The interior is stylish and trendy, with seating options including a counter and a sunken seating area, accommodating up to 30 guests.
    At this restaurant, skilled chefs with years of training serve delicious yakitori.
     According to reviews, the grilled dishes are also exceptional, with their smoked flavors being particularly recommended.
    The menu selection is also highly praised, with popular items including the "Irotoridori Course," "Tsukune" (chicken meatballs), "Tebasaki" (chicken wings), and "Seseri no Maki" (grilled chicken neck).
     The final touch of ramen is also said to be exquisite.
    The restaurant utilizes both high-quality charcoal and firewood for grilling, and carefully selects the cuts of meat.
     The chicken breast, in particular, has a fluffy and exceptional taste.
    Despite opening in August 2023, Irotoridori has already gained a strong following.
     If you are looking for a quiet and atmospheric place to dine in Ueno after 9 PM, this is the perfect spot.
    We invite you to visit Irotoridori and experience it for yourself.


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