Reservation for Teppanyaki Steak Kitanozaka in Shinjuku, Tokyo

updated: November 16th, 2023

Teppanyaki Steak Kitanozaka - A refined teppanyaki restaurant offering high-quality A5 wagyu beef in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Discover the art of teppanyaki with our delicious and visually pleasing dishes. Book your luxurious dining experience today!

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    Teppanyaki Steak Kitanozaka is a teppanyaki restaurant located in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
     The interior of the restaurant has a chic and serene atmosphere, with counter seats and private rooms available.
     This establishment offers dishes made with carefully selected A5 grade wagyu beef.
    The cuisine is supervised by Sublime, a French Michelin-starred restaurant, and its high quality can be felt.
     The course menu includes appetizers such as A5 wagyu beef tartare and fresh caviar.
     For hot dishes, you can enjoy A5 wagyu beef sirloin cooked sukiyaki style.
    In addition, the seafood teppanyaki offers seasonal abalone and trout salmon for your enjoyment.
     The specialty menu includes A5 wagyu beef hamburgers and beef tongue.
     For the main meat dish, you can choose from A5 wagyu beef lean meat or sirloin.
    Rice and red miso soup are also served with the meal, and it can be finished with yuzu sorbet.
     The drink menu is also extensive, offering options such as iced coffee and wine.
    Teppanyaki Steak Kitanozaka is a place where you can enjoy a luxurious meal in a refined atmosphere, using high-quality wagyu beef.
     Each dish, showcasing the chef's skill and dedication to ingredients, is not only delicious but also visually pleasing.
     We invite you to visit and experience it for yourself.




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