Reservation for Kobanzushi in Fukushima

updated: February 28th, 2024

Indulge in traditional Edo-style sushi at Kobanzushi in Tagokura, Fukushima. Enjoy exquisite toppings and airy sushi rice. Visit now for an exceptional dining experience.

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    "Kobanzushi" is a restaurant located in Tagokura, Higashishirakawa District, Fukushima Prefecture.
     It is a 12-minute walk from Iwaki-Tagokura Station, and is also accessible from Shirakawa Station and Shin-Shirakawa Station (via JR Bus Kanto Sougaoka Line).
     The restaurant has 7 counter seats and 2 tatami rooms, accommodating a total of 15 seats, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere for dining.
    At this restaurant, they serve traditional Edo-style sushi, with a highlight being the white sushi rice that has a light and airy texture.
     This unique sushi has earned high praise from customers who make reservations to visit.
     The menu offers a variety of toppings, such as tuna, kohada, ikura, and half-raw shrimp, which are all highly acclaimed for their exquisite taste.
    The chefs at Kobanzushi are dedicated to using carefully selected ingredients and preparing them with utmost care.
     With a history of 27 years in operation, their expertise and reputation are evident at first glance.
     Additionally, their dessert made with locally sourced persimmons is also highly regarded.
    Located in the inland area of Fukushima Prefecture, accessing this restaurant may be a bit challenging, but the extraordinary sushi they offer attracts customers from afar.
     We encourage you to visit Kobanzushi and experience their exceptional cuisine.




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