Reservation for Sumibi Kushiyaki Kokekokko Kyoto

updated: November 16th, 2023

Enjoy delicious yakitori near Kyoto Station. Experience Kokekokko's stunning night view and pleasant atmosphere. Book your table now!

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    Kokekokko is a yakitori restaurant located in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.
     The restaurant is conveniently located near Kyoto Station, with direct access to the JR Line, Kintetsu Line, and subway.
     The spacious interior can accommodate up to 70 seats, with both table and counter seating options.
    The dishes at Kokekokko are all delicious, but the "Kyoto Fu" and "Shishito Peppers" are particularly recommended.
     The restaurant offers a style of enjoying yakitori as individual items, allowing you to savor your meal with a beautiful night view.
    Moreover, the culinary skills of the chefs are highly regarded, with combinations like "savory yakitori" and "dried shredded chili pepper" receiving rave reviews.
     The lunch menu is also satisfying, with prices that are reasonable for a restaurant located on the upper floor of a department store.
    The restaurant is often bustling and has a pleasant atmosphere, with a high level of customer satisfaction.
     However, it is important to note that reservations may be required as walk-ins may not always be accommodated.
    The chefs and staff provide attentive service, and online reservations are available, making it convenient for travelers on the go.
     It is especially popular for its stunning night view and pleasant atmosphere, making it a great choice for dates or tourists.
     Be sure to visit and experience it yourself.




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