Reservation for Yakiniku Kyoshotei Ginza in Tokyo

updated: November 21th, 2023

Yakiniku Kyoshotei Ginza: Enjoy exquisite yakiniku in Ginza, Tokyo. Unforgettable dining experience in a refined atmosphere.

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    Yakiniku Kyoshotei Ginza is a yakiniku (Japanese barbecue) restaurant located in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
     The restaurant has a calm and refined atmosphere, with private rooms and a VIP counter available.
     Here, you can enjoy yakiniku and yakiniku kaiseki dishes using "Daisen Black Beef," a brand of beef from Tottori Prefecture.
    Daisen Black Beef has been recognized as the best beef in Japan at the National Wagyu Capacity Expo, and its quality and taste are outstanding.
     The staff here grill each cut of meat carefully, allowing you to savor its delicate flavors.
    Moreover, the dishes served here are luxurious and delicious.
     Starting with appetizers, you'll enjoy various dishes featuring Daisen Black Beef, seasonal vegetables, and more.
     Two highly recommended items are the "Daisen Black Beef, Uni, and Caviar Hand Rolls" and the "Harami (skirt steak) Woven with Straw and Finished in a Dutch Oven.
    "Furthermore, the chefs have a direct connection with the producers and strive for the pinnacle of wagyu beef.
     This enables you to fully appreciate the rare cuts of Daisen Black Beef, which is another appealing aspect of the restaurant.
    Yakiniku Kyoshotei Ginza is an ideal place for special occasions such as anniversaries, dates, and business entertainment.
     With its upscale atmosphere and delicious cuisine, you will have a wonderful time.




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