2024 Michelin Kyoto Japanese Restaurant : Mirei (1 star)

updated: May 24th, 2024

We recommend Mirei, a restaurant in Kyoto City, Kyoto, known for its high-quality cuisine. Don't miss the special sashimi and onion grated dashi dishes.

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    Mirei is a restaurant located in Kamimachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.
     It is approximately a 3-minute walk from Marutamachi Station on the Karasuma Line of the subway.
     The restaurant has 13 seats, with 8 counter seats and 4-5 private table seats available.
    At this restaurant, high-quality ingredients are used and carefully prepared dishes are served.
     Particularly recommended are the Tokusashi (special sashimi) and Negi Zuri (onion grated dashi) dishes.
     Other popular dishes include the assortment of sashimi and Wagyu fillet cutlet.
    The chefs work diligently and value the ingredients, showcasing their skills and flavors.
     The restaurant has received high praise and even earned a Michelin star for its culinary expertise.
    The operating hours are from 17:00 to 21:30, Monday to Sunday, with Wednesdays being the regular closing day.
     However, please note that the operating hours and regular closing day may change, so it is recommended to confirm with the restaurant before visiting.
    Mirei is beloved for its excellent quality of food and cost performance.
     The calm atmosphere of the interior, clean restrooms, and friendly owner are also highly regarded.
     However, some customers have mentioned that there is room for improvement in terms of service, as the staff's level of hospitality can be lacking.
    For those looking to enjoy delicious cuisine in Kyoto, Mirei is a highly recommended restaurant.
     Please do visit when you have the chance.


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