Reservation for Shabu shabu Tsukada Shibuya Scramble Square in Tokyo

updated: February 27th, 2024

Indulge in delicious shabu shabu at Shibuya Scramble Square. Savor premium meats and fresh vegetables in our stylish restaurant with a panoramic view of Shibuya. Perfect for lunch or dinner. Don't miss out!

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    Shabu shabu Tsukada Shibuya Scramble Square is a shabu shabu restaurant located in Shibuya Scramble Square in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.
    The interior of the restaurant features a counter seating arrangement where individuals can sit side by side with their companions.
    Furthermore, the windows offer a panoramic view of Shibuya's bustling streets.
    At this establishment, you can enjoy high-quality meats such as A4 black wagyu beef and Kirishima Kogen pork shoulder loin.
    The assortment of vegetables is also abundant and guaranteed to impress with their freshness.
    Meals are served in an individual hot pot style, allowing you to savor the flavors at your own pace.
    In addition, the lunch menu offers a variety of options, including courses and set meals.
    The Shibuya Course, in particular, provides ample servings of premium meats like black wagyu beef and thick-cut Kirishima Kogen pork, along with a heaping portion of vegetables.
    The restaurant boasts a stylish atmosphere designed by renowned designer Kashiwa Sato.
    Its convenient location directly connected to Shibuya Station ensures easy accessibility.
    Shabu shabu Tsukada Shibuya Scramble Square is a casual shabu shabu restaurant where you can enjoy delicious meats and fresh vegetables.
    You can easily visit alone and it is perfect for both lunch and dinner.
    Come and experience it for yourself.




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