Reservation for Shimonoseki Shunpanro in Nagatacho, Tokyo

updated: November 16th, 2023

Experience the tradition and flavor of fugu cuisine at Shimonoseki Harifurou Tokyo Branch. Located in Chiyoda Ward, enjoy dishes like tessa and tekkiri hot pot. Perfect for lunch or business meetings. Try our take-out set too!

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    Shimonoseki Harifurou Tokyo Branch is a specialty fugu (blowfish) restaurant located in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.
     The original main branch was established during the Meiji era and is known as the location where the Shimonoseki Peace Treaty was signed during the Russo-Japanese War.
     The business name was given by Hirobumi Ito, and you can feel the history and tradition in the air.
    The interior of the restaurant has an atmosphere similar to a high-class traditional Japanese restaurant, with many private rooms available.
     The private rooms, in particular, are designed to resemble the meeting place of Hirobumi Ito and the signing venue of the Shimonoseki Peace Treaty, perfect for entertaining guests.
    The menu offers a variety of dishes using fresh fugu.
     Highly recommended are the "tessa" (thinly sliced fugu sashimi) and "tekkiri hot pot.
    " The fugu slices are incredibly thin, almost transparent, and are served with ponzu sauce or grated daikon radish.
     The "karaage" (deep-fried fugu) and "shirako shioyaki" (grilled fugu milt with salt) are also popular choices, allowing you to fully enjoy the natural flavors of the fugu.
    The skilled chefs at Shimonoseki Harifurou Tokyo Branch utilize their craftsmanship passed down through generations, providing the traditional flavors of fugu.
     The precision in the fugu preparation and artistic presentation showcase the mastery of each dish.
    The location of Shimonoseki Harifurou Tokyo Branch is conveniently close to Nagatacho.
     It is suitable for various occasions, such as lunch or business meetings.
     Additionally, they offer a take-out set, allowing you to enjoy fugu dishes at home.
    For those who want to experience the tradition and history while savoring delicious fugu cuisine, this restaurant is highly recommended.
     Please visit and see for yourself.




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