Reservation for Sushi Shirokane Taira in Tokyo

updated: June 02th, 2024

Discover the best sushi restaurant in Tokyo's Minato-ku, Shirokane Taira area. Indulge in exquisite white-meat fish nigiri and heavenly oyster dishes. With a charming atmosphere and friendly staff, it's a must-visit for sushi lovers.

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    "Shirokane Taira" is a restaurant located in Shirokane-dai, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
     The nearest station is Shirokane Taira Station, which is approximately 724 meters away on foot.
     The restaurant has 8 seats and offers a tranquil atmosphere for enjoying meals.
    One of the most popular dishes at this restaurant is the White-Meat Fish Nigiri, where each nigiri is topped with a piece of white fish and includes its liver, enhancing the deliciousness even further.
     The oysters are also a must-try, especially the oyster oil-marinated dish that melts in your mouth, offering a blissful taste.
    The balance of the sushi rice is highly praised, and the cute plates with Doraemon designs are also attracting attention.
     Additionally, the staff members are known for their friendly and welcoming attitude, making customers want to revisit.
    The chefs take great care in selecting ingredients and preparing each "nigiri" with utmost attention to detail.
     The head chef, who is proficient in English, is particularly renowned for his personality and skills, captivating many people.
    The restaurant operates during lunchtime and dinnertime, offering different menus for each time period.
     The quality and quantity of the dishes are exceptional, and the cost performance is also highly regarded.
    "Shirokane Taira" is a must-visit restaurant for those seeking delicious sushi.
     Its uniqueness, meticulous cooking techniques, and friendly atmosphere are its attractive qualities that will surely captivate anyone who visits.


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