Reservation for Yakitori SUEHIROGARI Karasuma-Oike in Kyoto

updated: July 09th, 2024

Enjoy delicious dishes like the beef tendon omelette and stewed giblet omelette rice at "Torikappou SUEHIROGARI Kyoto." Conveniently located in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, this restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere and a wide selection of grilled chicken skewers. Explore the menu and experience the best of Kyoto's culinary delights.

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    "Torikappou SUEHIROGARI Kyoto" is a restaurant located in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.
     It is conveniently located just a 1-minute walk from Karasuma Oike Station.
     The restaurant has 22 seats and exudes a calm atmosphere.
    This restaurant offers delicious dishes, with the beef tendon omelette rice bowl and stewed giblet omelette rice being particularly popular.
     The beef tendon is simmered until tender, and it pairs perfectly with the fluffy egg and seasoned rice.
     However, please note that the omelette rice dishes are available in limited quantities, and no drinks can be ordered during lunchtime.
    The "SUEHIROGARI Course" is also recommended.
     It may require reservations, but every dish in the course menu is delicious and satisfying.
     While the content is more suited for adults, the restaurant has a family-friendly atmosphere, making it suitable for families with children as well.
    The grilled chicken skewer menu is also extensive and known for its deliciousness, with some even claiming it is the best they've ever had.
     However, grilled chicken skewers are only available as part of the course menu and cannot be ordered separately.
     The prices are reasonably affordable, and it is a restaurant that will make you want to come back for more.
    The interior of the restaurant has a bar counter-like atmosphere, with slightly dimmed lighting creating a relaxed ambiance.
     There are counter seats and sofa seats, allowing you to enjoy your meal at a leisurely pace.
     The service speed is also fast, so it is recommended to visit when it is not too busy.
    "Torikappou SUEHIROGARI Kyoto" also offers various other menu items and a selection of wines, making it suitable for various occasions.
     Please consider visiting this restaurant.


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