Reservation for Sushi Fukunaga Akasaka-mitsuke in Tokyo

updated: April 17th, 2024

Sushi Fukunaga in Minato City, Tokyo offers incredible sushi at a great value. Experience the chef's skills and unique dishes featuring Aomori ingredients. Don't miss the opportunity to taste their delicious high-end sushi. Visit Sushi Fukunaga today!

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    "Sushi Fukunaga" is a sushi restaurant located in Akasaka, Minato City, Tokyo.
     It is conveniently situated a 4-minute walk from Akasaka Mitsuke Station and a 6-minute walk from Akasaka Station on the Chiyoda Line.
     The restaurant has 12 seats, including counter seats and four-person seats.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy snacks and sushi at an incredible cost performance.
     They have a strong focus on ingredients from Aomori, guaranteeing high-quality dishes.
     However, sushi enthusiasts familiar with other sushi restaurants in Ginza may find the nigiri lacking.
    The "Course" option allows you to enjoy 12 pieces of nigiri and over 8 seasonal dishes for 16,000 yen.
     They also offer a wide range of highballs and sake, with delightful and pleasant customer service.
    The restaurant provides course meals that showcase the chef's skills and personality, highlighting the quality of ingredients and cooking techniques.
     They also offer unique dishes like "Spicy Miso Toro Uni Rice with Carabinero Shrimp" and "Aomori Apple Sake Lees Ice Cream," which cannot be experienced elsewhere.
    "Sushi Fukunaga" is often praised as the most delicious high-end sushi people have ever tasted.
     Some may even lose interest in trying other sushi places after being moved by its taste.
    You can also enjoy Aomori's local sake at this restaurant.
     Additionally, they offer luxurious beers as well as sparkling and sour drinks made with Aomori apples.
    The chefs at "Sushi Fukunaga" prioritize quality ingredients and cook them with care.
     The course meals, in particular, showcase the chef's skills, cutting techniques, cooking methods, and unique seasoning.
     These aspects make the dining experience truly one-of-a-kind and cannot be found elsewhere.
    We highly recommend visiting "Sushi Fukunaga" for those who have read this article.




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