Reservation for Sushi Hojo Ryogoku in Tokyo

updated: June 03th, 2024

Savor high-quality sushi in Tokyo's Sumida-ku at Sushi Hojo. Indulge in delicious rolls and fresh ingredients. Visit us and experience sophistication and simplicity.

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    "Sushi Hojo" is a high-end sushi restaurant located in Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo.
     The establishment is a 5-minute walk (273m) from the east exit of JR Ryogoku Station.
     The restaurant offers a total of 7 seats in a tranquil atmosphere, providing an enjoyable dining experience.
    At this restaurant, you can indulge in high-quality sushi for around 20,000 yen, with a wide selection of fresh and generously sized ingredients.
     The sushi rolls are particularly renowned for their rich glossiness, as well as the superior taste and texture of the toppings.
    The skilled chefs pride themselves on their attentive service and meticulously crafted dishes.
     The seafood dishes, especially those featuring shellfish, and the steamed rice with toppings are particularly delicious.
     Additionally, the drink menu offers a variety of options, including Japanese sake and white wine.
    Although "Sushi Hojo" has only been open for about two years, it has already established itself as a place of sophistication and simplicity.
     The cleanliness of the interior and its minimalist design are standout features.
     The chefs are all from the local area, and their strong connection to the community is reflected in their commitment to using locally sourced fish for their dishes.
    In addition to the exquisite presentation and deliciousness of the sushi, the ambiance and service are also highly praised, leading to a large number of repeat customers.
     We invite you to visit "Sushi Hojo" and experience it for yourself.


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