Reservation for Sushi Tenju Uehonmachi in Osaka

updated: July 02th, 2024

Enjoy delicious sushi at Sushi Tenju in Osaka City. A popular sushi restaurant known for its friendly service and affordable prices.

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    "Sushi Tenju" is a sushi restaurant located in Chuo ward, Osaka City.
     It is just a 2-minute walk from Kintetsu Osaka Uehommachi Station and a 5-minute walk from Subway Tanimachi 9-chome Station.
     The restaurant has a seating capacity of 10 at the counter.
    This restaurant is run by a parent-child team who prioritize quality ingredients and prepare each dish with care.
     Their aged amberjack shabu-shabu and oyster tempura are especially renowned.
    The portion sizes are generous, allowing guests to leave satisfied.
     The prices are affordable, making it a restaurant that people can visit regularly.
     The staff are also known for their friendly and attentive service.
    The interior has a calm atmosphere and heated flooring, providing a cozy environment even in winter.
     They also offer sushi options that cater to non-alcohol consumers.
    "Sushi Tenju" offers course menus, but it is a popular restaurant that can be difficult to make reservations at.
     The courses feature a variety of dishes, including small hot pots and tempura.
     The aged amberjack shabu-shabu, eel sushi rolls, and broiled anago dessert are particularly popular.
    The chefs put a lot of effort into making each dish enjoyable, and their attention to detail is evident.
     Additionally, it is said that at the end of the course, customers receive a chirashi sushi as a souvenir.
    "Sushi Tenju" is highly regarded locally for its sushi.
     It offers a well-balanced combination of price, quality, and portion size.
     The friendly nature of the owner is also well-received, which is why many customers become regulars.
    Please come and enjoy delicious sushi at "Sushi Tenju."




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