Reservation for Sushi Tokiwa Shibata in Niigata

updated: February 28th, 2024

Enjoy exquisite appetizers and sushi made with local ingredients at Sushi Tokiwa. Located in Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture, this restaurant offers a delightful dining experience.

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    "Sushi Tokiwa" is a restaurant located in Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture.
     It is a 15-minute walk from JR Shibata Station.
     The interior of the restaurant has a calm and comfortable atmosphere, with 10 seats available at the counter.
    This restaurant offers exquisite appetizers and sushi made with local ingredients.
     The chefs put great care and effort into each dish, ensuring the highest quality and delicious flavors.
     The specialties, such as the Nanban shrimp and anago (saltwater eel), are highly recommended.
    In addition to the delicious food, the hospitality of the chef and his wife, as well as the staff, is outstanding.
     The service is attentive, providing a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience.
    The opening hours vary between lunch and dinner, so it is advisable to inquire in advance as they may differ depending on the day.
     Also, the restaurant does not have fixed closing days.
    For access, it is a 15-minute walk from JR Shibata Station or approximately a 30-minute drive (taxi) from Niigata Airport.
     Another option is to take the White Line from JR Niigata Station, which takes around 45 minutes.
    "Sushi Tokiwa" is a place where you can enjoy exquisite appetizers and sushi made with local ingredients.
     With the skills of the chefs and their warm hospitality, you can have a wonderful time.
     We highly recommend visiting this restaurant.




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