Reservation for Sushi Tsukiuda Nakameguro in Tokyo

updated: April 16th, 2024

Discover innovative dishes and delicious sushi at Sushi Tsukiuda in Meguro, Tokyo. Enjoy the calm ambiance and attentive service while savoring fresh ingredients. Conveniently located near Nakameguro Station, this is a must-visit restaurant. Book your reservation now!

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    "Sushi Tsukiuda" is a restaurant located in Meguro, Tokyo.
     It is a 10-minute walk from Nakameguro Station.
     The restaurant has a shoe-free policy and features an 8-seat counter.
     It is open from 12:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 23:00 from Tuesday to Sunday.
    At this restaurant, Chef Mitsuhiko Tsukiuda showcases his innovative dishes and delicious sushi.
     Highly recommended are the abalone shabu-shabu and uni rice.
     The ingredients are fresh, and they also offer high-quality items.
    The ambiance of the restaurant is calm, providing a quiet space to enjoy your meal.
     Chef Tsukiuda is attentive and provides courteous service throughout the meal.
    In terms of access, it is convenient as it is a 10-minute walk from Nakameguro Station, although a short walk is required.
     Nevertheless, it is worth visiting.
    "Sushi Tsukiuda" accepts reservations and payment by credit card.
     However, electronic money other than cash is not accepted.
    Please visit and experience Chef Tsukiuda's skills for yourself.




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