Reservation for Sushi Tsugumi Hachioji in Tokyo

updated: February 26th, 2024

Enjoy high-quality sushi in Hachioji, Tokyo. Sushi Tsugumi offers a cozy atmosphere and skilled chefs. Visit now!

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    Sushi Tsugumi is a restaurant located in Hachioji, Tokyo.
     The store is located on the 1st floor of Forum and is easily accessible from Hachioji Station North Exit, a 4-minute walk from JR East Japan, and a 6-minute walk from Keio Line Hachioji Station West Exit.
    One of the features of this restaurant is its small seating capacity of 12 seats, creating a cozy atmosphere for enjoying meals.
     There is also a counter seat where you can closely observe the skills of the chefs.
    The menu offers the "Tsugumi Omakase Course" which can be enjoyed for 8,800 yen.
     You can indulge in various dishes including fresh sashimi, soup, and grilled dishes.
     The menu is highly regarded for its shrimp, but unfortunately, it is served cut in half, which has received some criticism for the "sadness of having the shrimp cut in half".
    Opinions are divided on the thickness of the toppings and the condition of the sushi rice.
     Some praise the thicker cut of the toppings, while others claim that it can lead to the rice getting squished.
     However, the dedication to tea is highly praised, with some even wishing for other restaurants in Tokyo to imitate it.
    Although there is no specific introduction about the chef, you can experience their skills and craftsmanship up close while dining at the counter.
    Sushi Tsugumi offers the opportunity to enjoy high-quality cuisine, comparable to restaurants in the city center, while being within walking distance from Hachioji Station.
     It is recommended for those who want to experience a cozy atmosphere with a small group and also for those who want to witness the craftsmanship of the chefs up close.




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