Reservation for Sushi Yamato Hakata in Fukuoka

updated: April 12th, 2024

Experience the best sushi in Fukuoka at Sushi Yamato. Located in Hakata-ku, this popular restaurant offers delicious nigiri sushi with fresh seasonal fish. Book your table now!

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    "Sushi Yamato" is a sushi restaurant located in Tsunaba-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
     It is conveniently located a 1-2 minute walk from Gofukumachi Subway Station.
     The restaurant has a calm atmosphere with 10 counter seats.
    This restaurant is known for its nigiri sushi made with red vinegar-seasoned rice and fresh seasonal fish.
     The tuna and sea urchin nigiri, in particular, are highly acclaimed.
     Each dish is carefully prepared, resulting in exceptional flavors.
    The chefs at Sushi Yamato take pride in their carefully selected ingredients and offer creative dishes.
     The ambiance is suitable for entertaining guests or dining incognito.
    Sushi Yamato is renowned as one of Fukuoka's top restaurants and receives numerous reservations and inquiries.
     However, it is worth noting that during my visit, there seemed to be some frustration due to the inexperienced part-time staff.
    The price range is around 20,000 yen per person, and course meals are available.
     The drink menu is also extensive, accommodating various preferences.
    If you find yourself in Fukuoka, Sushi Yamato is a must-visit restaurant.
     You can enjoy delicious sushi in a relaxed atmosphere.
     However, it is recommended to make a reservation and be mindful of the restaurant's popularity and potential crowds.


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