2024 Michelin Kyoto Japanese Restaurant : Sushi Kappo Nakaichi (1 star)

updated: May 08th, 2024

Enjoy delicious sushi and Kyoto cuisine at Sushi Kappo Nakaichi. Located in Kyoto City, Higashiyama Ward, this restaurant offers fresh ingredients and a tranquil dining experience. Visit now to experience the best of Kyoto's culinary scene.

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    "Sushi Kappo Nakaichi" is a restaurant located in the Higashiyama Ward of Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.
     It is situated approximately 431m from the Gion-Shijo Station.
     The restaurant has a seating capacity of 35 and offers a tranquil atmosphere for enjoying meals.
    At this restaurant, delicious dishes such as sushi and Kyoto cuisine are served.
     The sushi, in particular, is highly regarded for its fresh ingredients and lightly seasoned rice, creating a perfect balance of flavors.
     Additionally, the menu features a variety of seasonal dishes that showcase the use of fresh ingredients.
    The skilled chefs at "Sushi Kappo Nakaichi" carefully select ingredients and prepare each dish with great attention to detail.
     The dedication and craftsmanship are evident in every bite.
     Furthermore, the ambiance of the restaurant provides a calm and relaxing space to savor your meal.
    "Sushi Kappo Nakaichi" is a popular restaurant both locally and beyond, garnering praise from many patrons.
     We highly recommend paying a visit to experience it for yourself.




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