Reservation for Sushi Sohei in Sapporo, Hokkaido

updated: August 17th, 2023

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    "Sushi Sohei" in the heart of Sapporo is gaining attention as a sushi restaurant with a prestigious background in Tokyo.

    The owner, Mr.Sohei Matsukura, was a founding member of a well-known shop in Hawaii and later worked at "Sushi Shikon" in Hong Kong.

    His experience in Hawaii taught him a wide range of skills, including how to handle fish.

    He chose to open his own restaurant in Sapporo because his wife is from the nearby town of Yubetsu in Hokkaido.

    Although they haven't started sourcing ingredients from Hokkaido yet, they are working on establishing their supply routes by leveraging their experience in the market.

    The sushi made from Yubetsu's cured Pacific herring is captivating customers with its presence and deliciousness.

    They also offer two types of sushi rice, using red vinegar and white vinegar, which provides a unique flavor experience uncommon in Sapporo.

    The restaurant values the joy of customers seeing the sushi for the first time, so photography is not permitted.

    "Sushi Sohei" is bringing a new wave to the high-end sushi scene in Sapporo, where customers can fully appreciate the skills and dedication of their sushi chef.




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