2024 Michelin Osaka Tempura Restaurant : Tempura Urakami (SELECTED)

updated: July 02th, 2024

Enjoy delicious tempura made with seasonal ingredients at Tempura Urakami in Fukushima-ku, Osaka. Conveniently located near Fukushima Station, we offer a variety of tempura dishes, including shrimp, shark fin, and oyster. Don't miss our Tencha-zuke and Tendon options. Visit us for an unforgettable tempura experience.

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    "Tempura Urakami" is a tempura restaurant located in Fukushima-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture.
     It is easily accessible by walking from Fukushima Station or Shin-Fukushima Station, making it convenient to reach.
     The restaurant has a total of 15 seats, including 11 counter seats and 4 table seats.
    At this restaurant, they serve tempura made with seasonal ingredients, and the chefs pay meticulous attention to the quality of the ingredients.
     The shrimp, shark fin, and oyster tempura are particularly impressive and well-regarded for their deliciousness.
     The tempura made with Akō Samurai Oyster from Akō is also popular.
    Additionally, they offer menu items such as "Tencha-zuke" (tempura over rice with tea poured over it) and "Tendon" (tempura rice bowl).
     For dessert, you can enjoy macarons and melons.
    The chefs at this restaurant have honed their skills at The Ritz-Carlton Osaka, and their technique and flexibility are highly appreciated.
     Furthermore, they have an extensive selection of Japanese sake, so the drink options are also well-stocked.
    The atmosphere is pleasant, and you can enjoy your meal in a calm space.
     Due to the deliciousness of the food and the quality of service, there are many repeat customers.
    We invite you to visit and experience the deliciousness of tempura at Tempura Urakami.


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