Reservation for Ura no Yama no Kinoko Shibuya in Tokyo

updated: April 21th, 2024

Discover the ultimate mushroom hot pot experience in Shibuya! Delight in healthy and visually appealing dishes at URANOYAMANO Kinoko Shibuya.

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    Uranoyamano Kinoko Shibuya is a mushroom specialty restaurant located in Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
     The interior of the restaurant is decorated with mushroom-themed objects and menus, creating a lovely atmosphere as soon as you step inside.
    The restaurant is particularly popular for its Japanese-style hot pot, which is filled with plenty of mushrooms and is a healthy and delicious option.
     The hot pot is designed to be enjoyed by both first-timers and those familiar with it, and it has received great reviews as a warming and satisfying dish.
     The menu is also extensive, so I would love to try different dishes on my next visit.
    When I visited the restaurant based on my friend's recommendation, a basket full of colorful mushrooms was brought to our table.
     There were many types of mushrooms that I had never tried before, but I was able to thoroughly enjoy them with the help of detailed explanations.
     One dish that left a particularly strong impression was the crispy spring rolls served before the hot pot.
     It was healthy, delicious, and filled me up, leaving me completely satisfied.
    The atmosphere of the restaurant also captured my heart.
     I felt like it was a perfect place for a girls' night out or a date, but there were also quite a few groups of men enjoying themselves.
    If you order a course, you can enjoy various appetizers such as mushroom carpaccio and crab miso with béchamel spring rolls.
     There are two options for the hot pot, white or red, and I chose lamb.
     The pork was tender, but the lamb was a little thicker.
     However, the flavor was excellent, and I could customize the condiments and sauce to my liking, making it a delicious meal.
    Furthermore, the restaurant provides thorough explanations about the mushrooms and constantly adds broth to the hot pot, ensuring a satisfying experience.
     The drink menu also offers unique options, adding to the enjoyment.
    As the restaurant has been featured in magazines, there were many female customers.
     The interior design was also stylish and to the liking of women, and the mushroom-filled hot pot was incredibly tasty.
     The lamb had no unpleasant smell, and all the meat was delicious.
     The ability to create your own sauces and change the flavors was enjoyable, making it perfect for a girls' night out.
    Lastly, the almond jelly dessert with a coconut flavor was exceptionally delicious.
     It seems there is an option to order through a QR code, but the men seemed a bit reluctant to try it.
    URANOYAMANO Kinoko Shibuya offers mushroom hot pot, presenting visually appealing dishes and a delightful atmosphere.
     The focus on healthy hot pot makes it ideal for a date.
     The variety of mushrooms provides a satisfying experience, and the side menu is also well-rounded.
     Additionally, the guilt-free aspect of using mushrooms makes it a great choice for bringing along female companions.




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