Reservation for Yakitori Shizune Kobe Motomachi in Hyogo

updated: July 05th, 2024

Yakitori Shizune is a popular restaurant in Chuo ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. Discover the exciting world of Japanese cuisine at this delightful establishment.

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    "Yakitori Shizune" is a store located in Chuo ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, around 100 meters away from Motomachi Station.
     The interior of the store consists of 7 counter seats and 5 table seats (2+3), with a total of 12 seats available.
    In this establishment, the chef varies the course menu each time, allowing customers to discover new flavors with every visit.
     They also offer a wide selection of Japanese sake, ensuring an enjoyable experience without getting bored.
     The staff is attentive and creates a comfortable atmosphere.
    Those who have visited "Yakitori Shizune" have praised the fact that the chef always brings something new to the course menu, making it a place where they can always find delicious surprises.
     They also appreciate the extensive variety of Japanese sake, keeping the experience exciting.
    The menu offers various grilled chicken dishes, such as chicken sashimi and soft cartilage.
     Particularly, the grilled chicken liver, neck, and meatball skewers are highly recommended.
     They also have a popular sashimi platter that allows customers to savor fresh seafood.
    The chefs at "Yakitori Shizune" are dedicated to using quality ingredients and cooking with great care.
     Their grilling techniques often involve partially cooking the chicken, resulting in a flavorful experience with the freshness of the meat.
    "Yakitori Shizune" is a popular restaurant that can be challenging to make a reservation at, but it is undoubtedly worth the effort.
     We highly recommend visiting this establishment.


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