Reservation for Mita Yamadaya in Tokyo

updated: February 21th, 2024

Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine at Mita Yamadaya in Minato Ward, Tokyo. With spacious seating and a traditional atmosphere, indulge in delicious pufferfish dishes and more. Perfect for lunch meetings or special occasions. Visit this renowned restaurant today.

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    Mita Yamadaya is a traditional Japanese restaurant located in Minato Ward, Tokyo.
     The restaurant has a spacious layout with seating available on both the first and second floors.
     During lunchtime, it is often bustling with nearby office workers.
     The menu offers classic yet flavorful Japanese dishes with generous portions.
     It is a convenient option for those seeking an authentic Japanese dining experience.
    Additionally, Yamadaya is renowned for its pufferfish cuisine.
     The wooden interior creates a charming atmosphere, and various seating options are available, including counter seats, table seats, and private rooms.
     The pufferfish dishes are particularly delicious, offering delicacies such as pufferfish sashimi and crispy fried pufferfish.
     They pair exceptionally well with Japanese sake, making it a satisfying choice for both health-conscious individuals and pufferfish enthusiasts.
    Moreover, the second floor offers private rooms where guests can enjoy their meal in a tranquil setting.
     It is perfect for special occasions or business entertaining.
     One can indulge in a course menu featuring dishes such as sashimi and grilled pufferfish, providing a healthy yet enjoyable dining experience.
    Mita Yamadaya is frequently visited for various occasions, including lunch meetings and gatherings.
     There is also a banquet area with traditional Japanese seating arrangements where communication flows easily.
     Notably, their popular year-end special course featuring various pufferfish dishes, including fried horse mackerel and steamed egg custard, receives high praise.
    Some reviews highlight the deliciousness of their pufferfish fry and ginger pork set meal.
     The pufferfish fry features tender meat with a crispy coating, further enhanced by the accompanying sauce.
     The ginger pork set meal offers excellent value for its price, satisfying customers with its generous portion and variety of side dishes.
    It has been around 20 years since the last visit to Mita Yamadaya, and the restaurant still maintains its calm and welcoming atmosphere.
     Even during lunchtime, it remains crowded.
     The ginger pork set meal in particular is a highly satisfying dish priced at only 980 yen.
    Mita Yamadaya offers a wide selection of dishes, with its pufferfish cuisine being a definite highlight.
     The cozy wooden interior provides a relaxed dining experience.
     We highly recommend visiting this restaurant.




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