Reservation for Yamadaya Usuki Honten in Oita

updated: February 28th, 2024

Discover delicious pufferfish and other delectable dishes at Yamadaya Usuki Honten in Usuki City, Oita Prefecture. Indulge in unique pufferfish specialties and savor the wide selection of alcoholic beverages. Conveniently located near Usuki Station, it's the perfect spot to enjoy a luxurious dining experience.

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    Yamadaya Usuki Honten is a restaurant located in Usuki City, Oita Prefecture.
     The spacious interior can seat up to 120 people, and there is also a large banquet hall.
     This establishment specializes in pufferfish dishes, but offers a wide variety of other dishes as well.
    When it comes to pufferfish dishes, you can enjoy specialties such as pufferfish sashimi and grilled pufferfish ovaries that are unique to this specialized restaurant.
     The pufferfish sashimi in particular is irresistible and guarantees a luxurious dining experience.
    In addition to pufferfish dishes, they also serve a variety of other dishes, including hot pots, deep-fried dishes, and grilled dishes, all of which are delicious and satisfying.
    One distinctive feature of Yamadaya Usuki Honten is its rich selection of alcoholic beverages.
     They even have Crémant, and half bottles are available as well.
     There's something special about enjoying alcohol in a chilled glass.
    Another wonderful aspect is the view of the garden from the private rooms.
     You can enjoy your meal and drinks while gazing at the well-maintained and beautiful scenery.
    The hostess is known for her attentive and considerate service, which adds to the charm of the restaurant.
    Yamadaya Usuki Honten is conveniently located just a 6-minute walk from Usuki Station on the JR Nippo Main Line.
     It's approximately 419 meters from Usuki Station, so you can easily visit by train.
    Please do visit Yamadaya Usuki Honten and enjoy their pufferfish dishes, as well as their other delicious dishes and wide variety of alcoholic beverages.




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