2024 Michelin Osaka Spanish Restaurant : Alarde (1 star)

updated: May 23th, 2024

Enjoy the delicious taste of Basque cuisine at Alarde, a restaurant located in Nishi Ward, Osaka City. Experience the authentic flavors and warm hospitality in this unique dining experience. Visit Alarde and savor the best of Basque cuisine.

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    "Alarde" is a restaurant located in Nishi Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.
     It is a 6-minute walk from Nishiohashi Station on the Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Line and a 3-minute walk from Honmachi Station on the Yotsubashi Line.
     The restaurant has a calm atmosphere with a counter seating for 8 and table seating for 7, accommodating a total of 15 guests.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy Basque cuisine.
     The menu offers a wide range of dishes, from traditional Basque cuisine to modern creative dishes, using carefully selected seafood and meat.
     Particularly popular are the foie gras ice cream and octopus from Akashi, both known for their deliciousness.
    "Alarde" operates with a one-person operation, with Chef and Owner Mr.
     Yamamoto handling both the cooking and customer service.
     He has trained in the Basque region and incorporates the authentic techniques and essence of the region into his dishes.
     Despite his taciturn impression, Yamamoto is surprisingly talkative and provides warm hospitality, which is highly appreciated by guests.
    The restaurant accepts reservations for customers who can start dining around 18:30.
     The regular holidays are Sundays and public holidays.
     Reservations can be made by contacting the restaurant directly or through direct messages on social media.
    "Alarde" is a rare restaurant in Osaka City where you can enjoy Basque cuisine.
     The skills and personality of Chef Yamamoto, along with the delicious dishes, are the highlights.
     Please consider visiting "Alarde.


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