2024 Michelin Tokyo Japanese Restaurant : Akasaka Kikunoi (2 star)

updated: January 19th, 2024

For traditional Kyoto cuisine in Tokyo, visit Akasaka Kikunoi. Enjoy seasonal dishes prepared with meticulous care.

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    Akasaka Kikunoi is a long-established Japanese restaurant in Akasaka. The main restaurant is located in Kyoto and is one of Japan's representative ryotei restaurants.
    The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere with counter and table seating.
    The cuisine at Akasaka Kikunoi is characterized by delicate and beautiful kaiseki dishes that skillfully utilize seasonal ingredients. The restaurant's emphasis on seasonality and the use of seasonal ingredients allows visitors to fully appreciate Japan's gastronomic culture.
    For the hakusun (appetizer), freshly prepared sashimi such as hamo (pike conger) and tuna are beautifully arranged and served. The cover dish is made with luxurious ingredients such as liliy root buns and foie gras, and each dish is carefully prepared.
     Akasaka Kikunoi offers creative cuisine based on traditional Japanese cuisine, but with a new approach. The chef's skills and ideas shine through, and each dish has the beauty and deep flavor of a work of art.
     The restaurant's interior is a perfect fusion of Japanese tradition and modern elements, creating a sophisticated space where the spirit of Japan is alive and well. Along with kaiseki cuisine, a pleasant atmosphere welcomes visitors to enjoy a fine dining experience.




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