Reservation for Teppanyaki FRENCH TEPPAN Seikoan Bettei Kanyoso in Niigata

updated: June 05th, 2024

Enjoy the best teppanyaki cuisine in Niigata City at "FRENCH TEPPAN Seikoan Bettei Kanyoso". Indulge in authentic dishes made with local ingredients in an elegant atmosphere. Located in Chuo Ward, Niigata City, this is the perfect place to celebrate special occasions.

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    "FRENCH TEPPAN Seikoan Bettei Kanyoso" is a restaurant located in Chuo Ward, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture.
     It takes about 7 minutes by car from Niigata Station or about a 1,508-meter walk from Hakusan Station to reach the restaurant.
     The restaurant has 24 seats and offers a calm atmosphere for enjoying meals.
    This restaurant is known for its authentic teppanyaki cuisine and is considered the best in Niigata City.
     Additionally, it is operated under a commission from the former Vice Governor's residence, utilizing the historical value of the building.
    The menu features popular course dishes made with local ingredients and Niigata prefecture's designated farm-raised beef.
     The Bisque of Namban shrimp, in particular, is highly regarded for its rich flavor.
     The meat dishes and rice are also excellent and well-received.
    The chefs take great care in cooking with a focus on the ingredients, showcasing their skills.
     The tenderloin steak, in particular, is tender and juicy, and is complemented with seasonings such as salt, wasabi soy sauce, and garlic chips to enhance the flavor.
    "FRENCH TEPPAN Seikoan Bettei Kanyoso" is a perfect restaurant for special occasions such as anniversaries.
     Enjoy a meal in an elegant atmosphere while enjoying the beautiful views from both inside and outside the restaurant.
    Please come and visit sometime.


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