2024 Michelin Tokyo Japanese Restaurant : Nanakusa (1 star)

updated: June 03th, 2024

Nanakusa is a renowned Japanese restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo. Discover their exquisite cuisine and inviting ambiance. A must-visit for food lovers.

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    The restaurant "Nanakusa" is located in Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, and is approximately 467m from Komaba Todaimae Station.
     The restaurant has only one seat and exudes a quiet atmosphere.
    At this restaurant, delicious bento boxes and take-out menus are available.
     The spring cabbage and simmered rice with boiled cherry shrimp are particularly popular and exhibit a taste crafted with care.
    Furthermore, "Nanakusa" has earned one Michelin star in the Tokyo Michelin Guide 2020 and is recognized as a Japanese cuisine establishment.
     The course menu is priced at 8,000 yen and offers a variety of dishes, such as melon and summer vegetable soup, and a hirousu-style dish with assorted appetizers.
    The chefs at Nanakusa are dedicated to using quality ingredients and prepare each dish with meticulous care.
     They also serve unique creations, such as special inari sushi and roasted miso sea bream, showcasing their culinary skills.
    Nanakusa is a popular restaurant among locals, appreciated for its menu featuring plenty of vegetables and its inviting ambiance, which appeals to female customers as well.
     We invite you to visit Nanakusa to experience their tasty cuisine and pleasant atmosphere.


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