Reservation for Yakiniku Niku Bistro Maeda in Osaka

updated: June 11th, 2024

Enjoy the unique flavor of crystal board grilled meat at Niku Bistro Maeda in Osaka City, Osaka. Savor the tender, juicy meat and experience exceptional service.

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    Niku Bistro Maeda is a restaurant located in Yodogawa Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
     It is a 10-minute walk from Shin-Osaka Station, a 4-minute walk from Minamikata Station, and also a 4-minute walk from Nishinakajima-Minamigata Station.
     The interior of the restaurant is a comfortable space renovated from an old Japanese house, with 6 counter seats and 14 table seats available.
    This restaurant features a unique style of cooking meat using crystal boards.
     The tender meat is slowly cooked, retaining its umami flavor without losing any of its juiciness.
     Additionally, there is no smoke produced during the cooking process, allowing for a pleasant dining experience.
    The menu offers a variety of dishes, including beef harami bento and grilled tomato Caprese.
     In particular, the crystal board grilled lean wagyu beef with salt sommelier is a popular choice, allowing guests to enjoy the collaboration between various types of salt and meat.
    The chefs at Niku Bistro Maeda are dedicated to using quality ingredients and cooking with care.
     Their expertise in using crystal boards to grill meat is truly remarkable.
     The juicy texture and light flavor of the meat are the highlights of the dining experience.
    Niku Bistro Maeda is committed to offering delicious meat and providing exceptional service.
     We invite you to visit and enjoy the combination of excellent meat and hospitality.


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