The 3 Best Ramen in Ami (Ibaraki)

updated: August 24th, 2023

Discover the best ramen restaurants near Ami-cho, Ibaraki Prefecture. If you're looking for delicious ramen in Ami-cho, this is the guide for you.

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    Buta Soba Tokuryu

    "Buta Soba Tokuryu," located in Ami-cho, Inashiki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture, is open on Sundays from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM and 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (last order at 9:30 PM), and remains open throughout the year.
     The restaurant is situated 3,105 meters away from Tsuchiura Station.
     The interior consists of 8 seats.
    One of the notable features of this restaurant is the "maze soba" (mixed noodles).
     The dish includes a generous portion of noodles weighing 200 grams, accompanied by complimentary additional rice.
     The satisfying and delicious combination has left many customers fully satisfied.
     The restaurant operates in a self-service style, where customers are responsible for tasks such as water refills, chopsticks placement, clearing plates, and table cleaning.
     Due to the high demand, the waiting time tends to be relatively long, sometimes taking nearly an hour from ordering to being served, as they operate with limited staff.
     Nevertheless, the wait is worth it.
     Despite this, the turnover rate remains favorable.
    A distinctive menu item at Buta Soba Tokuryu is their pork soba, which is generously topped with succulent chashu (roast pork) and garlic.
     The soup has a sweet soy sauce flavor that pairs well with the bean sprouts, providing a rich and flavorful experience.
     Furthermore, the thick noodles add volume to the dish, ensuring a gratifying culinary adventure.
     It is worth noting, however, that the garlic smell may linger for up to a day, so visitors should be prepared for that.
     The vegetables are cooked until they are tender, and the flavored fat adds an extra depth of flavor when enjoyed together.
     The soup has a milky consistency, although it appears slightly blurred, and the noodles are thick and curly, exuding a strong wheat fragrance, with a softer texture.
     Customers can also choose the firmness of the noodles to suit their preference, accommodating those who prefer a firmer texture.
     Each menu item offers a generous portion, ensuring a satisfying experience.
     Do consider paying it a visit when you have the opportunity.


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    Ami Hachi to Chou

    "Ami Hachi to Chou" is a restaurant located in Ami Town, Inashiki District, Ibaraki Prefecture.
     The interior of the restaurant is trendy, and it is filled with energetic young staff.
     What particularly stands out is the delicious food.
     As it is part of the Onimono language group, the taste is exceptionally good.
     The menu features limited items such as "Chicken and Shishi Tou" and "Ami Hachi to Chou Black.
    Their in-house thin straight noodles and creatively arranged dishes are also appealing.
     Additionally, the restaurant has a spacious and calm atmosphere.
     They also offer detox water as a hospitality service.
     Depending on your lifestyle and purpose, please do visit.


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    Ramen Kamomaru

    Ramen Kamomaru is a ramen shop located in Nakago, Ami Town, Inashiki District, Ibaraki Prefecture.
     The chef at this establishment highlights the unique broth by using duck stock as their specialty.
     The shop operates from 11:00 to 19:00 on weekdays, excluding regular holidays, providing customers the opportunity to savor their exquisite ramen during those hours.
    The signature dish at Ramen Kamomaru is their Kamomaru Ramen, which features luxurious flavors using Kasumi duck.
     However, it's not just any duck ramen.
     The restaurant takes pride in the quality of their ingredients, ensuring a clear and distinct taste without any gaminess commonly associated with ducks.
     Some customers may find the noodles slightly thicker, but many still find it delicious.
     While the accessibility might be limited with no specific transportation options, being situated within Kasumi's premises means there is no need to worry about parking.
     The interior of the shop exudes a clean and stylish atmosphere.
     While the exact number of seats is not specified, it is likely to provide an intimate environment where approximately five people can enjoy their meal simultaneously.
     With their focus on unique broth and the use of high-quality ingredients, this shop has gained popularity among locals and fans alike.
     We highly recommend trying their Kamomaru Ramen to experience its exceptional flavors.


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