The 3 Best Ramen in Bando (Ibaraki)

updated: August 30th, 2023

Discover the best ramen restaurants in Bando City, Ibaraki Prefecture. Explore the local ramen scene and find your next favorite spot.

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     Ronronifuji is located in Yawara, Bando City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
     Despite being surrounded by rice fields, there is already a long line of customers waiting by the time it opens at 11 am.
     The exterior exudes a calm atmosphere, with only one window.
     The interior has a stylish ambiance, and it seems to attract many couples.
     When ordering at the ticket vending machine by the entrance, customers are provided with detailed explanations.
    The chef who showcases his skills at Ronronifuji is a former apprentice of Tsukubara Men Onimono, a renowned restaurant in Tsukuba.
     He opened his own restaurant in 2021, and his culinary expertise is highly anticipated, given his background at Onimono.
    Among Ronronifuji's signature dishes are the "Amakusa Ō-soba" and "Garlic-infused Spicy Mentaiko.
    "The Amakusa Ō-soba features a sharp soy-based soup and visually appealing extra servings of noodles.
     The Garlic-infused Spicy Mentaiko is a unique dish that incorporates seaweed and spicy cod roe, reminiscent of a Japanese-style pasta.
     Both dishes showcase distinctive flavors, showcasing the chef's originality.


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     Chantei is located in Bando City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
     This establishment offers various types of ramen, including those made with bonito or dried sardine broth, as well as chicken broth Hokkaido miso ramen and chicken soba shirodare (white soup) ramen.
     One highly recommended dish is the "Tsubame Sanjo-style Chashu Niboshi Soba (880 yen)".
     You can choose from different types of chashu (sliced roast pork), and the rare chashu is especially delicious.
     The thick, flat, curly noodles provide a taste that closely resembles the authentic flavor found in Tsubame Sanjo.
     The restaurant mainly consists of counter seats and can get crowded, so it would be wise to visit early.
     Chantei is located in Kandayama, Bando City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
     It's most convenient to visit by car as there are no public transportation options available.
     However, please note that parking spaces are limited, and during busy times, you may need to use the gravel parking lot nearby.
     It is recommended to check the official website or call ahead to confirm their operating hours.
     Be sure to try the Tsubame Sanjo-style Chashu Niboshi Soba at Chantei and experience an authentic taste similar to that found in the original city.
     It was noted that the ability to choose the toppings for the chashu and the perfect texture of the soft-boiled egg were highly appreciated.


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    Men-ya Sigetomii

    Men-ya Sigetomii is a ramen restaurant located in Bando City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
     It is a spacious single-family home with a large open-air parking lot.
     The interior of the restaurant is in a coffee shop style, which doesn't feel like a typical ramen shop.
     The owner is a friendly person, and they require prepaid orders.
     The Chashu Ramen that I ordered consisted of a soy sauce-based clear broth with handmade curly noodles.
     The noodles are a mix of thin and thick strands.
     There are two types of chashu pork toppings, belly and loin, along with menma and green onions.
     The soup has a generous amount of lard and a hint of star anise fragrance.
     However, the disappointing aspect is that the soup is lukewarm.
    Men-ya Sigetomii is a ramen restaurant located in a remote area of Bando City.
     It opens early in the morning at 8 o'clock, allowing customers to enjoy ramen from the start of the day.
     When I arrived, the lights in the restaurant were not yet turned on, but it was worth waking up early for the anticipation of having a bowl of ramen.
     The ordering process is done by prepayment, and I paid using PayPay.
     While waiting, I felt my stomach rumbling in excitement.
     The noodles have black specks in them, giving a distinctive touch.
     The noodles have a strong wheat flavor and a chewy texture, reminiscent of udon noodles.
     The soup is delicious, but I was particularly impressed by the taste of the chashu pork.
     The price of the soy sauce ramen is slightly on the higher side, but it's worth it to enjoy the carefully crafted taste.
    Men-ya Sigetomii is a ramen restaurant in Bando City that has received positive reviews.
     The ordering process requires prepayment at the counter, and when your order is ready, they call out your name for you to pick it up yourself.
     The ambiance inside the restaurant is more like a trattoria than a typical ramen shop.
     One distinctive feature is their homemade thick and curly noodles made from 100% domestically produced wheat flour, with a smooth and chewy texture.
     The soup is primarily made from pork and chicken, with a light broth and a mild richness.
     It is irresistibly delicious.
     They offer two types of chashu pork, belly and rare, both with unique flavors.


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