The 5 Best Ramen in Fujisawa (Kanagawa)

updated: December 11th, 2023

Discover the finest ramen restaurants in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Perfect for ramen enthusiasts looking for a taste of excellence.

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    [Introduction of the Chef]The chef of TOKI is known for coming from the Michelin-starred restaurant "Menya Ishin.
    " As a result, we can expect high-quality ramen dishes to be served.
    [Introduction of the Dish]One of the popular dishes at TOKI is their Special Soy Sauce Ramen.
     The soup is made from a combination of dried seafood and vegetables, giving it a rich umami flavor from the seafood.
     The noodles are hand-kneaded, resulting in a smooth and chewy texture.
     The ramen comes topped with various types of chashu (roast pork), providing a generous amount of meaty goodness.
     Seaweed is also added as a topping to enhance the flavor.
     In addition to ramen, TOKI also offers a rice dish called "butameshi," which features chashu and a savory sauce similar to barbecued meat, creating a delicious combination with the rice.
    [Introduction of the Restaurant]TOKI is located in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture.
     The restaurant has a total of 10 seats, with 7 counter seats and 1 table (3 seats).
     The nearest station is Fujisawa Station on the JR Tokaido Main Line and Ueno-Tokyo Line, which is an 8-minute walk away.
     The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11:00 to 15:00.
     It is closed on Mondays, Sundays, and public holidays, but there may be temporary openings on Sundays and public holidays, so it is recommended to confirm in advance.
    [Additional Information]None in particular.


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    【Chef Introduction】The chefs at "UZUTOKAMINARI" consist of male and female staff, including the owner.
     The owner, who comes from a family of ramen enthusiasts with a famous ramen shop, inherited a passion for ramen and culinary skills.
     The chefs are committed to selecting the finest ingredients, including broth and toppings, to create their dishes.
    【Dish Introduction】At "UZUTOKAMINARI," you can enjoy a variety of dishes such as chicken-based maze soba and ramen, as well as Shonan LAKSA.
     Their specialty is a maze soba made with flavorful chicken, with a combination of truffle soy sauce and egg yolk that creates an exquisite taste.
     Their popular menu items also include Yawata Pork dumplings and Char Siu Don.
     Each dish is not only visually appealing but also full of depth in taste.
    【Store Introduction】"UZUTOKAMINARI" is located in Sakuragaoka, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
     The interior of the restaurant has a chic and relaxed atmosphere, with male staff including the owner working in the kitchen and female staff handling the dining area.
     The restaurant has 16 seats, divided into counter and table seating.
     There are several coin parking lots and a free bicycle parking lot available nearby.
     The restaurant is conveniently located just a 1-minute walk from Hon-Kugenuma Station on the Odakyu Enoshima Line.
    Above is the translation of the information about the chef, dishes, and store introduction of "UZUTOKAMINARI".
     At this restaurant, you can enjoy delicious maze soba and ramen made with chicken.
     The interior atmosphere is calm, and the staff is well-received for their service.
     Please visit and experience it for yourself.


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    "53's Noodle" is a ramen restaurant located in Shonandai, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
     The restaurant is conveniently located just a 2-minute walk from Shonandai Station, making it easily accessible.
     The interior of the restaurant has 17 seats, including counter seats and table seats.
    The standout menu item at this establishment is their light soy sauce ramen.
     The broth has a slightly oily texture but is praised for its deep and delicious flavor.
     The noodles are soft with a stretchy texture reminiscent of udon noodles.
    In addition to the light soy sauce ramen, they also offer variations such as light salt ramen, pork belly ramen, and black ramen.
    The atmosphere of the restaurant is stylish, and it has been further enhanced through renovations after the relocation.
    Unfortunately, no information is provided regarding the chef or any updates related to COVID-19 or emergency declarations.


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    GOKAI is a ramen shop located in Kamino, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
     The restaurant has 15 seats, including counter seats and four-person tables.
     One of GOKAI's unique features is that it has a chef who used to work at Tokyo Ikebukuro Daikeshiken, a renowned ramen restaurant.
     The ramen he crafts is simple yet flavorful, emphasizing the taste of the ingredients.
     The noodles are perfect with sobayu (hot water used to wash the noodles), and the tender, succulent chashu (sliced pork) is a standout element.
     Another notable feature is the tangy dipping broth.
     Among the menu items, the most popular is the tsukemen, where you dip the noodles into the broth.
     The tsukemen with added bamboo shoots is highly recommended, as it offers a delightful crunchy texture.
     The location of the shop is convenient, just a 4-minute walk from Rokkai-Nichidai-Mae Station on the Odakyu Enoshima Line.
     The shop opens from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, and it operates on Sundays, but is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
     However, please note that there may be changes in the business hours and regular holidays, so it is recommended to check in advance.
     GOKAI is an establishment that serves delicious ramen, so please do visit it when you get a chance.


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    【Article】The ramen restaurant "ICHIMINE" in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture is known for its light and delicate ramen.
     This popular establishment, run by a female owner, serves exquisite ramen that keeps customers coming back for more.
    Located in a residential area, the shop is not easily accessible by public transportation.
     However, despite this, it is always bustling with people.
     The opening hours are from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, and they are open on Sundays.
     However, they are closed every Monday and Tuesday.
    The menu offers three types of ramen: soy sauce flavor, salt flavor, and tsukemen (dipping noodles).
     Customers can choose between flat noodles and thin noodles, allowing them to tailor their meal to their preferences.
    One highly recommended dish is the "salt tsukemen".
     It has a fragrant sesame oil aroma and a perfect balance of saltiness and umami.
     The thin and smooth noodles have an excellent texture and pair well with the broth.
     Toppings include pork chashu, chicken chashu, Chinese cabbage, bamboo shoots, wonton, seasoned boiled egg, and chopped green onions, which enhance the flavors of the ramen even more.
    The chef's skills are unquestionable, swiftly taking orders and serving the dishes with efficiency.
     The cozy interior has a seating capacity of 11, allowing customers to enjoy their meal at a leisurely pace.
    ICHIMINE is a popular ramen shop where you can enjoy delicious light and delicate ramen.
     We highly recommend you to visit and taste its excellence for yourself.


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