The 5 Best Ramen in Hino (Tokyo)

updated: August 17th, 2023

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    "Hirokioken" is a ramen restaurant located in Hino City, Tokyo.
    The restaurant has moved and its current information can be found at 960-3 Ochikawa, Hino City, Tokyo.
    The interior of the shop has 19 seats, including 7 seats at the L-shaped counter and 6 two-person tables.
    The special feature of this restaurant is its gentle and flavorful soup with a hint of dried bonito.
    The soup goes well with the tender and flavorful chashu (sliced pork), providing a satisfying eating experience.
    The portion of noodles is also generous, ensuring a fulfilling meal.
    The taste is light and not overpowering, allowing you to enjoy the dish without feeling overwhelmed.
    The signature ramen at Hirokioken is a special Chinese-style noodle soup made with a base of chicken broth and vegetables, enhanced with dried bonito for a rich and savory flavor.
    The soy-based sauce adds depth and aroma, complementing the dried bonito soup and noodles perfectly.
    Hirokioken was founded by the former owner of Daikoken in Nagoshiocho and has its own unique style of soy sauce ramen and distinct soup flavor.
    The shop has over 20 years of history and has undergone relocation.
    The dishes at Hirokioken are filling, with generous amounts of soup.
    The table is equipped with condiments such as spicy miso and hot chili oil, allowing you to customize the flavor according to your preference.
    If you're looking for delicious ramen in Hino City, Tokyo, why not visit "Hirokioken"?
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    "Koemon" is a ramen restaurant located in Hino City, Tokyo.
    The owner of the restaurant is a disciple of "Chuka Soba Gomon" and serves delicious ramen influenced by his mentor.
    The interior of the restaurant exudes a nostalgic atmosphere, with seating for 10 at the counter.
    The business hours are from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, with the restaurant closed on Sundays and public holidays.
    However, please note that the operating hours and closing days may sometimes be subject to changes.
    The signature dishes at Koemon are the "Negi Ramen" and "Chuka Soba".
    The Negi Ramen features a special soy-based soup with finely chopped onions and thin curly noodles, creating a perfect combination.
    You can also adjust the firmness of the noodles to your preference, ensuring a bowl that suits your taste.
    The Chuka Soba, on the other hand, incorporates a pork broth base with added flavors from dried sardines and other seafood, showcasing the distinctive characteristics of Hachioji ramen.
    The chefs at Koemon pour their hearts into each bowl, as evidenced by the warm and flavorful dishes they serve.
    The staff members are also known for their friendly hospitality and attention to hygiene.
    As a restaurant cherished by the local community, we hope that Koemon will continue to thrive.
    Please visit "Koemon" to savor their delicious ramen.
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    "Matagi Hachiman Restaurant" is a ramen shop located in Takahata, Hino City, Tokyo.
    The restaurant is situated on the 3rd floor of Keio Takahata Shopping Center, just a 3-minute walk from Takahata Fudo Station.
    The interior of the restaurant is clean and has a total of 21 seats.
    There are 5 counter seats and 16 table seats, with options for 2-person and 4-person tables.
    A highly recommended menu item is the chicken dipping noodles (tsukemen) with menma (bamboo shoots).
    The tsukemen is served cold, allowing you to savor the carefully crafted dipping sauce.
    The restaurant attracts a wide range of customers, including older individuals and solo female diners, making it quite popular.
    However, opinions regarding the quality and taste of the food can vary based on personal preferences.
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    "Medgeka Soba Ginyo" is a restaurant located in Hino City, Tokyo.
    This place is known for its delicious ramen made with seafood, and it operates from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm (last order).
    However, please note that the shop may close once the soup is sold out.
    For transportation, you can reach the restaurant by a 4-minute walk from Tama Monorail's Mangen-ji Station, or a 14-minute walk from Keio Line's Takahatafudō Station.
    The restaurant has only 6 seats, but it is ideal for solo dining as it offers counter seating.
    The specialty of this place is ramen with soy-based soup containing horse mackerel and black-backed anchovies.
    The soup has a refined taste, and when mixed, you can taste the umami of horse mackerel and anchovies.
    The noodles are thin and straight, cooked to a slightly soft texture which pairs perfectly with the soup.
    Furthermore, the toppings, which reflect the owner's dedication, are also appealing.
    The pork and chicken chashu are tenderly cooked at a low temperature and garnished with green onion and myoga, adding a refreshing touch.
    In addition, the combination of raw egg, bonito flakes, grated wasabi, spinach, and seaweed called "Kamatama Chūka" is exquisite.
    Mixing it together creates a creamy consistency, spreading rich flavors.
    Previously, this restaurant operated under the name "Uo Ao," but it has now started fresh as "Medgeka Soba Ginyo.
    " Although the interior is slightly small, there is a pleasant atmosphere with regular customers.
    The new owner also brings a lively energy, and you can feel the overlap between their personality and the previous owner's.
    The recommended menu is "Chūka Soba Awaji Niboshi" (Chinese-style soba with light anchovy).
    The soup is filled with the clear umami of anchovies, and the combination of smooth thin noodles is excellent.
    The toppings are beautifully arranged to not interfere with the soup.
    Also, the "Soupless Kamayaki Chūka" is also recommended.
    It is a super simple combination of noodles and sauce, allowing you to directly taste the deliciousness of wheat and soy sauce.
    As someone who has visited numerous ramen shops, I was deeply impressed by the deliciousness of the ramen at this establishment.
    Not only the current owner but also the previous owner has returned to reopen the shop, making it a wonderful place that you will want to support.
    I highly recommend visiting at least once.
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    Menmen is a ramen restaurant located in Hino City, Tokyo.
    The establishment has a total of 17 seats, including counter and table seating.
    The restaurant has a history of approximately 40 years and was founded by a former employee of Hachioji's "Minmin Ramen.
    " Currently, the business is run by the owner's wife and daughter.
    The most popular menu item is the Negi Chashumen, priced at 1,370 yen.
    The ramen is topped with chashu (sliced pork), menma (bamboo shoots), seaweed, and finely diced onions, which give it a unique touch.
    The piping hot soup, reminiscent of tonkotsu (pork bone broth), has a rich lard flavor and a thick consistency, providing a satisfying taste.
    The thin noodles are cooked firm, offering a crisp texture.
    The chashu is made from pork shoulder and retains a substantial meaty texture.
    The portion size is generous, providing a satisfying experience.
    Menmen is somewhat difficult to locate, so it's recommended to check the location in advance.
    It is about a 15-minute walk from Toyoda Station.
    The restaurant tends to be crowded, especially during lunchtime, so it's important to allow enough time for waiting.
    Menmen offers the authentic flavor of Hachioji ramen and is beloved by many for its traditional taste.
    We highly recommend visiting to fully enjoy its unique flavors.
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