The 5 Best Ramen in Jiyugaoka (Tokyo)

updated: August 17th, 2023

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    【Store Introduction】Store Name: Dad's Ramen - The Chinese Noodles That Appear in DreamsAddress: 3-7-1 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, TokyoAccess: Approximately 5 minutes on foot from Jiyugaoka Station【Food Introduction】The most popular menu at this store is the "Chinese Noodles That Appear in Dreams.
    " The noodles are homemade by the owner, who is a former employee of Chuka soba Ito.
    The noodles are medium-fine straight noodles with a firm texture.
    The noodles have a crispy texture and are definitely worth trying.
    The soup is made from 100% boiled fish, and it has a rich umami taste without any bitterness.
    Many customers have praised its dream-like deliciousness, so please give it a try.
    【Chef Introduction】The owner of the store is a former employee of Chuka soba Ito and is highly regarded by many customers.
    His homemade noodles are a unique dish that is hard to find in other shops, and once you try them, you will be captivated by their unique texture and flavor.
    【Store Information】This store is small with only 7 seats, but its cozy atmosphere is perfect for enjoying a peaceful meal.
    There may be some waiting time during weekday lunch hours, but it is definitely worth it.
    Please take the time to visit.
    【Summary】Dad's Ramen - The Chinese Noodles That Appear in Dreams, located in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, is a store known for its homemade noodles and unique soup.
    The noodles are medium-fine straight noodles with a crispy texture.
    The soup is made from 100% boiled fish, which provides a rich umami taste that pairs perfectly with the noodles.
    Additionally, they offer a surprising dish of A5 grade black wagyu roast beef, which is tender and packed with flavor.
    The owner, who is a former employee of Chuka soba Ito, is dedicated to making homemade noodles.
    Although the number of seats is limited, the cozy atmosphere allows you to enjoy your meal in a relaxed manner.
    Please take the time to visit.


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    Kamatama Chuka Soba Napoleonken, located in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, is a popular ramen shop that won first place in the soupless division of TRY (Tokyo Ramen of the Year) 2022-2023 for newcomers.
    The shop is just a minute's walk from Todaimae Station and has about 7-8 counter seats.
    Their signature dish is the Kamatama Chuka Soba, and the recommended item, Rich Kamatama, is highly regarded for its deliciousness.
    It has a texture similar to Kamatama Udon and a gentle mouthfeel, with thick flat noodles that blend well with the flavors.
    The toppings include green onions and raw egg, and the Rich Kamatama also comes with char siu (roast pork) and menma (bamboo shoots) on top.
    Toppings such as shiitake vinegar enhance the umami flavor even more.
    Additionally, ordering extra noodles (kaedama) for 180 yen will give you a bowl of thin noodles in a soup with a strong seafood taste.
    This shop offers dishes that maximize the deliciousness of the noodles.
    They also have unique items such as inari-zushi (sushi rice wrapped in fried tofu) and tamafukuro topping (a bag-shaped topping).
    The location is convenient for transportation around Todaimae, and the long opening hours allow for visits at various times.
    Kamatama Chuka Soba Napoleonken has multiple branches throughout Tokyo and has become well-known by name.
    Particularly, their Kamatama Chuka Soba is favored by many for its convenience and deliciousness.
    We encourage you to visit and try it out.


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    【店舗紹介】Store Name: Torai TakeshiAddress: 1-12-4 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, TokyoBusiness Hours: N/AAccess: 1 minute walk from Jiyugaoka Station North Exit on the Tokyu Toyoko Line and Oimachi Line, 125m from Jiyugaoka StationSeating Capacity: 8 seats (counter seating only)【料理紹介】Torai Takeshi is a shop that serves "kayabuki-style" ramen.
    The rich soup and tender chashu are its distinctive features.
    Unlike the yellowish color of the soup typically found in other ramen shops, Torai Takeshi's soup has a light brown color yet still offers the flavor and richness of tonkotsu (pork bone broth).
    The noodles are made by Sakai Seimen and are medium-thick and flat, providing a chewy texture.
    The chashu is made from pork shoulder and is thick and generously-sized, offering a perfect balance of tenderness and meaty flavor.
    The spinach topping is also tender and has a fresh taste.
    The cabbage topping has a crispy texture without any rawness.
    The seasoned boiled egg has a creamy yolk and a light flavor.
    The seaweed has a distinct aroma and enhances the flavor when eaten with the ramen.
    【料理人紹介】The cooks at Torai Takeshi mainly come from the Musashiya Hiyoshi Branch and strive to create a place where customers can enjoy their entire dining experience from start to finish.
    They aim to provide a high level of satisfaction through their ramen and other dishes, as well as their service.
    Torai Takeshi strives to be a comfortable place for customers and focuses on offering quality ramen.
    【店舗紹介】Torai Takeshi is a family-style ramen shop located in Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
    The interior of the shop has a warm atmosphere with only counter seats, accommodating a total of 8 people.
    The shop's unique features are its rich and satisfying soup that doesn't leave you feeling unsatisfied, and its tender chashu pork.
    The soup, although not the typical yellow-brown color of the Rokkakuya family-style, is a light brown color that still captures the flavor and richness of the pork bone broth.
    The noodles are made by Sakai Seimen and are medium-thick with a flat texture, giving them a chewy and springy texture.
    The chashu is made from pork shoulder and is thick and large, offering a perfect balance of tenderness and meatiness.
    The spinach topping is soft and has a fresh taste.
    Torai Takeshi is mainly operated by cooks from the Hiyoshi branch, and their goal is to create a place where customers can feel comfortable and satisfied.
    They also focus on offering high-quality ramen.


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    "Chuka soba Santou" is a Chinese soba restaurant located in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
    The interior of the restaurant has a clean and calm atmosphere, with only 8 seats available at the L-shaped counter.
    The restaurant's key feature is the combination of aged soy sauce-based soup and thin noodles.
    The aged soy sauce soup has a deep flavor, with a mellow soy sauce aroma that fills the mouth.
    The thin noodles have a smooth and slippery texture, making them a perfect match for the soup.
    Additionally, the toppings such as chashu (roast pork) and menma (seasoned bamboo shoots) are well-seasoned, resulting in a highly satisfying bowl of ramen.
    The chef is a young and handsome guy who is devoted to the art of making ramen.
    You can taste his skills and passion in every bowl.
    Located in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, "Chuka soba Santou" offers delicious Chinese soba with aged soy sauce.
    Why not pay a visit and experience this delightful restaurant for yourself?


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    Menerata in Meguro City, Tokyo is a shop where you can enjoy delicious ramen.
    It is located just a short walk from Jiyugaoka Station, making it easily accessible.
    The interior of the shop has 11 counter seats and a clean atmosphere.
    The owner of the shop has previous experience running ramen shops in Asakusa and Tamachi, and brings that expertise to create exceptional ramen.
    The menu includes options such as Yuzu Salt Ramen and Yuzu Salt SOBA, all of which are superb.
    In particular, the Yuzu Salt Ramen has a gentle flavor with a perfect balance of truffle aroma and simmered egg.
    The thin and slightly firm noodles also receive high praise, and the clean and inviting interior makes it a comfortable space for women to dine alone.
    The shop opened in 2021, though the exact weekday opening hours are unknown.
    However, it is known that they stay open until late at night.
    The shop's exterior is stylish, and it is worth noting that they utilized the Traniavi program for startup support.
    Menerata's soup has a strong flavor of sea bream, with a kick from the combination of chicken and pork.
    The soup also has a lightness from dried ingredients and the addition of Mongolian salt.
    The square-shaped thin noodles have a satisfyingly firm texture.
    The thinly flavored chashu pork has a rich taste and sweetness from the fatty parts.
    Moreover, the truffle oil-infused topping adds a wonderfully aromatic touch that can be enjoyed until the last drop.
    Menerata is just a 2-minute walk from Jiyugaoka Station, making it the perfect spot for ramen enthusiasts.
    Be sure to visit and try their delicious ramen.