The 3 Best Ramen in Kariya (Aichi)

updated: August 17th, 2023

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    Ramen Aigoya

    "Ramen Aigoya" is a ramen restaurant located in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture.
    The restaurant has 16 seats, including counter seats and tatami rooms.
    It is open for lunch and dinner on weekdays, and only for lunch on Sundays, with irregular holidays.
    Please note that the information before the store was moved may differ from the latest information.
    There is a wide variety of ramen available, with "Kinka Soba" and "Nimaikaban no Chuka Soba" being particularly popular.
    The soup is a rich and flavorful tonkotsu base, and the homemade noodles have a smooth and slippery texture.
    In addition to the noodles, the combination of chashu and toppings is also delicious, providing a satisfying meal.
    The chefs at "Ramen Aigoya" hold the qualification of ramen sommelier, and they meticulously prepare each bowl of ramen with their skilled techniques.
    Their commitment to quality is reflected in their dishes, offering delicious ramen to customers.
    The atmosphere of the restaurant is cozy and comfortable, and the staff provides attentive service.
    The speed of food preparation is also fast, minimizing the wait time, which is a plus.
    "Ramen Aigoya" is beloved by local customers and is known for having many repeat customers.
    As a result, it can get crowded at times, but it is definitely worth it.
    When you visit Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, be sure to enjoy delicious ramen at "Ramen Aigoya".

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    Menya Sobayashi

    Menya Sobayashi is a ramen restaurant located in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture.
    The interior of the restaurant has a chic atmosphere, with a black-themed counter as the main feature.
    One distinctive aspect of Menya Sobayashi is their beautifully presented ramen, from the bowl it's served in to the ramen itself.
    The menu offers options such as soy sauce ramen and rich pork bone and seafood ramen, with the option to add toppings.
    Particularly recommended is the ramen with a mouthwatering simmered egg.
    The noodles used are tailored to each soup, and the soups have a rich flavor derived from the original soup base.
    The ambiance inside the restaurant is also stylish, with jazz music playing in the background.
    Menya Sobayashi is conveniently located right near the north exit of Kariya Station.

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    Ore no Yume

    The ramen shop named "Ore no Yume" is located in Sakuracho, Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture.
    The shop has only counter seats with 12 seats, and the operating hours are from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm for lunch and from 6:00 pm to midnight for dinner (closing when the soup runs out).
    The shop is closed on Sundays.
    The shop is conveniently located a 2-minute and 30-second walk from Kariya Station, with public transportation options being 152m from JR Kariya Station.
    The shop is known for its black tonkotsu ramen and fried rice.
    The black tonkotsu ramen has delicious soup with hardly any unpleasant smell, making it easy to eat.
    The fried rice is also recommended and has received favorable reviews.
    The kitchen is operated by a male owner and a female staff member, with the owner mainly handling the cooking.
    The atmosphere of the shop is clean, and the attractive owner is also a charm point.
    The menu includes discounts for sets and special offers for students, allowing you to enjoy meals at a reasonable price.
    Additionally, you can request the noodles to be cooked firm if desired, and the staff will accommodate your request.
    In the midst of many ramen shops near Kariya Station, "Ore no Yume" offers a unique flavor.
    We invite you to visit and experience it for yourself.

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